A story telling workshop  was organised by Ms. Leena George and Dr. N. Dhanya   for the post graduate students of Child Development, Department of Home Science on 0ctober 25th at 12: 30 pm by  Ms .Anjali Manoj,  a member of World Story telling Institute . Anjali Manoj is the coordinator of Read Right Centre in Trivandrum which is a centre for learning for school children. It aims to provide knowledge for children through Story telling.  The theme of the workshop : “ Story telling –Creative Expression for PreSchool Education”.


The benefits of story telling like  its role in improving  language skills, Increasing  memory, Opening out worlds that they haven’t seen or heard of, Teaching  morals subtly, Creating awareness of  culture and traditions through folk tales, Improving concentration and listening skills, helps them to face difficult situations, Encouraging creativity were discussed.

The parts of a good story for children should always has a clear beginning, middle and end were stressed. It should have a definite twist or climax.
Use of story cards, picture cards, puppets, masks, crafts, modelling clay, vocabulary charts, props, everyday objects and  photos were emphatically discussed. The Do’s of  a story teller like always Practice storytelling multiple times, attend storytelling sessions to learn from others, tell only stories that are relevant, only tell essential details, starting with a hook opening, making it relatable, making the story age appropriate and situation, use of appropriate  props and tools including  own body and voice, noticing  the audience reaction and use of descriptions that kids can understand, use of movements, use dramatic pauses, use of music/dance, maintaining  eye contact, keeping  it simple and true, ending  with strength, enticing  all their senses, avoiding  distractions or detours, having  a logical sequence were explained through enacting stories with the help of the participants.

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Published On: November 22nd, 2017Categories: Departments, Home Science, Home Science Activities, Public News