Macrame refers to an elaborately patterned lacelike webbing made of hand-knotted cord, yarn, or the like, that is used for wall decorations, hanging baskets, garments and other accessories.The Home Science Association organized a session on designing Plant Macrame on the 24th of July 2020.The resource person for the session was Dr. Thara Sebastian, Head Of the Department of Home Science, St. Teresa’s College.  The session was conducted on a virtual platform with 95 students from the Home Science and other Departments joining for the same.

An introductory presentation on the versatile use of Macrame for plants, jewelry and accessories was followed by a demonstration of the different type of Knots that can be used for designing a Macrame. The session provided a platform for students to acquire new skills.

Dr. Thara explained and demonstrated the basic knots in a lucid manner. The dexterity with which she demonstrated the knots was motivation for all to try the art. The session was well appreciated by all the participants.

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Published On: July 30th, 2020Categories: Awareness Class, Home Science Activities