To create awareness and generate interest on Bird migration, on 1st August 2019, the Birds Club of the Department Of Zoology, St. Teresa’s college inaugurated its activities for the academic year 2019-2020, with a presentation on a very relevant topic, Migration of Birds. It was presented by Ms. Sreelakshmi Anand P.B of 1st M.Sc Zoology. She addressed about the migration types and pattern observed in birds during spring and autumn. The presentation included classification of birds according to the periodic seasonal movement, solitary and flock migration. Interesting examples were mentioned like Arctic Tern, White stork and Blue tailed bee-eater, Black crown night heron in India.  The presentation was attention seeking because of the video of Dancing of migratory Birds spotted in Western Pune. The Inauguration session concluded with vote of thanks by the Association Secretary- Ms. Aswathi A R.

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Published On: August 1st, 2019Categories: Zoology Activities