Cellular Nutrition and Health

10 days International Training Program on “Cellular Nutrition and Health” for the students and teachers was organized by the Department of Zoology from 12th-22nd July 2011. The instructor was Dr. Raxit J JariwallaDr. Rath Research Institute, Santa Clara, USA

All living things are made up of tiny building blocks called ‘cells‘.  Our body is also made up of these cells. Studies say, there are more than 30 trillion individual cells in a human body. All cells having specific and different roles like some carry signals from parts of the body to the brain, some carry oxygen, some fight against viruses and bacteria, etc. So, we can say cells are the most important fundamental building blocks of life and the most important component in every process in the body. This training programme on “Cellular Nutrition and Health” gave a good idea about the cellular functions and nutrition in detail.  It is important for everyone to know this subject for a healthy living.

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Published On: July 23rd, 2011Categories: college news, Public News, Zoology Activities