The Department of Management Studies had the honour of hosting a contingent of faculty and students from the prestigious Sophia University, Japan on 27th August 2019. The group from Sophia were especially keen to explore and experience our interactive CHIL Hour activities and showed interest to be a part of the students’ activities during the zero hour. Each of the seven visiting students were made part of the hosting student groups. The day’s activities were divided into three rounds comprised of Quiz for the first round, BlockBuster for the second round and Guess The Brand for the final round. Each of the games in the activity was designed to initiate and inculcate teamwork, communication and quick decision making. The students were required to call back on their classroom learnings, while also recalling the brands they had been exposed to, especially when they are put in teams with diverse background. The visiting faculty from Sophia University, were very much appreciative of the students’ efforts during CHIL hour and the department to have such distinctive sessions for management students. The hosting students gained a deeper insight on managing and working with such a diverse group while communicating clearly under pressure.

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