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Indo-Japanese Student Exchange Program(Sophia University,Japan)


The Department of Management Studies had the honour of hosting a contingent of faculty and students from the prestigious Sophia University, Japan on 27th August 2019. The group from Sophia were especially keen to explore and experience our interactive CHIL Hour activities and showed interest to be a part of the students’ activities during the [...]

Indo-Japanese Student Exchange Program(Sophia University,Japan)2020-01-24T19:02:12+05:30



In this fun team game, students were divided into different groups and were required to finish the lyrics of popular songs whose first four lines were provided with. The winning teams then further went on to the next round - a rapid fire round that showed famous singers/music directors within a 3 second gap and [...]

MUSIC BEATS2019-10-11T10:04:08+05:30



A team building activity that focuses on ensuring better communication amongst student participants, conflict resolution and learning to work together. The participants were divided into various groups and entangled within the groups placed in a circle  by holding hands of the person standing opposite to them. Without letting go of the now entangled hands, they are [...]

HUMAN KNOT2019-10-11T10:08:07+05:30



Branding in Marketing Management is a key concept in the field of business and was the highlight of this task undertaken by students. The interactive game entailed the student groups to take turns in guessing the brand hidden under numbered blocks, which is removed only when a number associated with the corresponding blocks are voiced [...]




4th July 2019 Based on the concepts of Advertising Campaigns in Marketing Management and Creativity, the activity with different student groups had to clear multiple levels of ———— to proceed to next. The game was designed to make students to think on their feet as a team and reflect on their ability to recollect various [...]

AD MAKER2019-07-10T08:59:18+05:30



The game had the student groups to solve the jigsaw puzzle and put together the completed picture in the least possible time. The participants had fully engaged themselves in moving quickly as a team to complete the jumbled pieces. This game was designed to push students towards logical thinking, problem-solving and also the students' knowledge [...]

JIGSAW PUZZLE2019-07-10T09:48:36+05:30



27th June 2019 Communication and its barrier are crucial issue faced by managers. The CHIL hour activity focused on this issue and the student groups were made to stand in a line facing the others back to signify physical barriers. The participant at one would be designated with a string of words which were to [...]

COMMUNICATION BARRIER2019-10-11T10:10:56+05:30



25th June 2019 This edition of CHIL hour began with student groups being divided into teams and the audience to guess their respective Team Logo. This activity provided students with an objective, which were to be converted into a logo that represented the team members. The takeaway of this activity was directly related to management [...]