As a part of the PR campaign Stain the Stigma, a fundraiser show “Chill- with -Gill’ was organised. It was aimed at breaking down the misconceptions associated with menstruation. The Department of Communicative English, St.Teresa’s College, Ernakulam took the initiative to make aware every individual about this Menstrual Hygiene.

PR campaign Stain the Stigma

Everybody’s favourite stand-up comedian Kanan Gill ensured that the audience had the time of their lives. He presented an evening filled with endless laughter. The programme also included an open mic event, where people in and around Kochi showcased their talents.

Vishak Nair, popularly known as ‘Kuppi’ from the movie Aanandam, tickled the funny bones of the audience by talking about his experience with girls.

Vishak Nair

RJ Anjali Uthup, of Radio Mango, voiced out her opinions about menstruation. She made the girls proud about bleeding red.

Anjali Uthup

The proceeds from the event were given to deserving communities and institutions around the city to provide sanitary napkins and ensure menstrual hygiene practices. The PR campaign Stain the Stigma intends to tear down the taboos associated with menstruation. The students felt that the hour of change has come and no more should women be shunned or weighed down by the stigmas surrounding menstruation. The campaign was well received by people in and around Kerala. It went viral on social media platforms where real life experiences and anecdotes were shared by famous personalities and students. The narration of such experiences brought about a normalcy around menstruation, a socially stigmatised subject.


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Published On: July 20th, 2018Categories: Communicative English