As part of the Teresian Rural Outreach Program (TROP), the faculties and students of the Department of Psychology conducted an awareness session for 7th and 8th STD students of St. Teresa’s School on March 2nd & 3rd, 2022.

Ms Adheena and Ms Roshna Jerome of III DC Psychology, Assistant Professor Anjitha Venugopal and Asst. Prof Ashya K Salim from the Department of Psychology engaged the sessions on Cyberbullying, Good Touch-Bad Touch, and Managing Emotions and Stress During Exams for the school students.

The program aimed to create awareness about the problems related to excessive mobile and internet usage, the dangers of revenge pornography, cyberbullying, and abuse. The program also drove home the importance of being safe while being online and the measures that can be taken to prevent becoming victims of bullying and abuse. Sessions on managing emotions and stress during examinations highlighted the different ways of coping and learning. Students were also encouraged to seek professional help in case of psychological distress.

The participants were attentive and interacted well, and the school management appreciated the initiative taken by the faculty and students of the Department of Psychology.