On 31st October 2020, BCA(Cloud Technology & Information Security Management), Department of Computer Applications organized a session on “Opportunities in cloud and security” by the Chief Cloud Architect, Mr. Robin Varghese Koikara. The session started at 11 am and there were approximately 88 attendees including students and faculty. The session headed by Ms. Leah Avin, 2nd year student of BCA, started off with a prayer song by Ms. Jesly P Sibi, 2nd year student. Ms. Shannon Simon of 2nd year BCA gave the welcome address. The resource person started the session with a brief introduction of his professional career and the struggle which he took to achieve success in it. He shared his personal experience of how he started working in a Startup company till he reached the top multinational companies like Accenture Cognizant and finally TCS.  He made students understand the importance of coding as well as the importance of practical knowledge in the IT industry. He is a member of the recruitment panel in his company and therefore he shared the two aspects of recruiting and gave clear guidance on how to achieve victory in an IT company interview process. He ensured that all the queries asked by students were answered. During the session attendees shared their thoughts and it made the session more interactive. It was a really informative session where students could get a perfect solution for all their queries. The session ended by the vote of thanks delivered by the 2nd year student Priyaja Premdas.