We, Department of Commerce SF is proud to convey that our first year B com student  Hiba shamar,whole heartedly donated her stem cells to a critically ill patient.She is the youngest in the state to donate the stem cells.

Hiba’s story of bravery and generosity:

Got a blood brother…..
God blessed me with a great opportunity to save a life. I was registered as a blood stem cell donor in Datri during a donor registration camp held in St. Teresa’s college in 2019. Datri is a donor registry in India. Before registration I attended an awareness session about the donation process. Registration was easy and I filled up a form. To check H.L.A they took my cheek samples. After 5 month which I received a call from one of the staff of datri named Jisha. And they informed me that my H.L.A is matched to a 19 year old boy that he is suffering a different type of blood cancer and they ask me whether I’m willing to donate my stem cells……. After discussing with my family I agree to donate .Despite all the free bits of advice received, I have decided to proceed with the donation so  they informed to get ready to met a senior Doctor in aims Cochin. He explains all the process clearly and ask my full details . Finally he agreed to proceed to next process. The next step was to ensure that I am physically fit to donate the blood stem cell so they took up a master body check up and cheek samples again. All the report of the check up were positive and they said that I’m physically fit to give the blood stem cell next step was to take a five days injection to increase my blood stem cells. One of the staff of datri named Amal came to my house every morning and took the injection. Those five day I suffer vomiting and body ace on fifth day of the injection . We went to Amrita hospital and they start the process of taking my stem cells. It’s a three hour process. At last the hard work of 3 hour was successful and they take my blood stem cell and send it into Chennai immediately.
It was a great experience for me
Bearing all my expenses, the hospitality I have received by the DATRI team  is immensely appreciable.

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Published On: March 27th, 2020Categories: Commerce (SF) Activities