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World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10th Globally.  The world federation for mental health started world mental health day observation in 1992.  WHO chooses any specific theme for each year. It’s an opportunity for everyone all over the world to be a part of the mental health awareness program.

Purpose of Mental Health Day

The number of people suffers from a mentally related issue is increasing day to day life. society marks them out from the community it makes things worse in the victim’s mind and leads to complex issues. Just a small helping hand may act as a pully for a person to overcome the trauma. Nowadays simple elements are leading to a mental health problem in a person. Therefore Mental health day is so important in the present situation. Just because of lifestyle people follow is misleading to bad mental wellness. so it requires only a few man-hours and love to help other mental wellness. In conclusion, creating awareness between people and helping the victims is the intention.

 Suicide And Suicide Prevention

Suicide And Suicide Prevention

This year’s theme is suicide and suicide prevention. Every year nearly 900,000 people suicide and many people attempt suicide. Because of the high suicide rate in recent years, it became a hot topic. most important people aged between 18 – 30 are doing more suicide. suicide is just hiding from reality. First of all, there is no escaping from reality. You must try to face the problem straight forward and always share with your close mates. in other words, sharing your feelings may make things right. However, it is not an easy task to complete easily its a long process. In addition to mental health, day try to communicate with your friends to create a deep bond.

Working Together To Prevent Suicide

The M. Sc Child Development Students of the Department of Home Science celebrated the world’s mental health day by giving awareness sessions for the school’s students of St. Teresa’s School. They also put up a flash mob and a walkathon at Marine Drive to mark the occasion. The entire program was done in collaboration with MAITHRI foundation.

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