On account of World Food Day that is celebrated on 16th October every year, the Department of Food Processing Technology conducted  a National webinar to commemorate this day. The chief guest invited was Dr. R. Visvanathan, Retd. Professor, Food & Agricultural Process Engineering, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore who gave an interesting talk on ‘Our Actions are our future’ which coincidently happens to be the theme set by FAO for this year. He explained how food security gets compromised because of various factors that may directly or indirectly be the result of human actions. He elaborated on the 4 ‘betters’, that is, Better productionbetter nutrition, a better environment and a better life and how these can be achieved by simply modifying the actions that are taken for food production.



Additionally, the results of the 2 contests which were conducted as part of the Food day celebrations were also announced. The winners of the ‘ieat ishoot ipost’ food photography contest were Janaki Menon, Department of French, Ansiyah Aboobacker, Department of commerce (regular),  Alina Sara John, Department of Food Processing Technology, all students of our college who attained first, second and third prize respectively.

The winners of ‘zero to hero’, an innovative by-product utilization video receipe contest were Gopika Narayanan, student from Department of Food Processing Technology, St. Teresa’s College, who got the first prize followed by  Rajalekshmi V, student from Department of Food Technology and Quality Assurance,  College of Indigenous Food Technology, Konni, Pathanamthitta who got the second prize.

The students of IIDC released a Youtube video titled ‘World Food Day’ on 16th October 20, 2021 that explained about the theme of Food day 2021 ‘Our Actions are our future- Better productionbetter nutrition, a better environment and a better life’ release by FAO.  To watch the video click here.




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