The Department of Home Science under the leadership of Dr. Nisha Vikraman observed the World Elders Day 2019 Celebration by organizing a program called Hug your Grandparents. and association with NSS, Rotary Club, Elders Forum. The world elders day celebrated on October 1 each year, people usually celebrate the day by spending time with their grandparents.



The main aim of celebrating the world elder’s day 2019 promotes the happiness of the elderly. some peoples do not care about their own elderly parents. thus, it becomes very important to start up the revive sentiments facing the old aged. the celebration of world elders day thus maintains the importance of these elderly angels in our life.


simply celebrate the world elder’s day, by giving a big hug to the elders of your family, and simply saluting them for completing the golden years of life.

The day is celebrated every year, to make certain the benefits of elder persons as well as to accept their significant, involvement in society to get promoted from their knowledge, and ability.

The day is celebrated worldwide to examine issues, promote public awareness, and focus on which type of behavior can help older men, and women all over their life.

World Elders Day 2019


  • world elder’s day 2019 is specially celebrated for the elderly.
  • All across the world to focus on the responsibilities
  • towards their lives through the demonstration of promotional material in schools, institutions, offices and public notice boards.
  • People are getting encouraged about their responsibilities facing the lives of elder people, to make their life better and happy
  • analyzing all the problems affecting the life of older people
  • It is rightly said that you should protect and care elderly For all the happy moments because they prove to fine protection and care for old age
  • Make them happy and loved grandpa and grandma, it is our responsibility

How to celebrate the world elders day:

Listen to them: even if you try and listen to their life experiences, and stories, they will be thankful and happy about it. so take us some time from your busy schedule, and plan a sweet tea party with them.

Take them to their native place: planning a trip to their native place is a perfect idea for the elderly, because of the memories attached to every place make them feel more comfortable and emotional.
The main purpose or aim of the day is to refine people, about the care and love facing the elderly.
Moreover, the international day of older persons 2019 marks as the great hope for the elderly. to realize how much their kids and grandchildren love them.






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