A two-day workshop was conducted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics on “Machine Learning Concepts and Applications” where we had four faculty members from the Departments of Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology and Mathematics, Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Kakkanad, to conduct the classes. The first day consisted of the theoretical concepts of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning and how they were connected to, and are applications of Mathematics and Statistics. Classifications, applications, advantages and disadvantages of each of them and comparison among the three of them were done. On the second day, concepts of data mining were discussed and an application called “Weka” was introduced. Weka is a data mining application which helps you to organize, classify, cluster and graphically visualize the acquired data. The participants were taught to download, install and use Weka. The class was interesting to the students and the resource persons were able to efficiently summarize a wide topic in a comprehensible manner.

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Published On: November 19th, 2022Categories: Mathematics, Mathematics Activities