The 21st of January 2017 was scheduled for a visit to the Metropolis Lab by the twelve students of M.Sc.  Zoology 2nd year class , accompanied by the Dr. Reema Kuriakose , Dr. Helvin Vincent and Ms. Nimitha Ramachandran. The students were given a brief introduction by the head of the lab, Dr. Ramesh, who explained the various techniques and technologies that his lab used, to perform different types of medical sample analysis. The students were later accompanied by the senior analyst of the Serology department Mr. Rajesh Kumar who patiently explained about various types of clinical analysis techniques that they practice in their serology lab.

The techniques included ELISA, immuno- elecrophoresis and Widal test. Dr.Rajesh explained in detail about the various types of ELISA which included direct,indirect,sandwich, capture and competitive types, latest techniques like chemi- luminescence, immuno- electrophoresis etc. He stressed on the importance of using such advanced techniques to prevent time consumption and errors in analysis.

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Published On: January 21st, 2017Categories: Zoology Activities