On 13th January 2022, an awareness programme on sustainable menstrual practices was conducted for the students and faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The objective of the programme was to create an awareness among the students about the ill effects of traditional pads and the benefits of cloth pads.

The programme began with a note on the harmful effects of sanitary pads on ourselves and the environment. The speaker Lakshmy Das shared with us the benefits of cloth pad and menstrual cups and how it is the best alternative to normal pads. The speaker also guided the students on the usage of these products.

The students were familiarized with harmful effects of normal pads on the environment. Moreover they were given a brief idea about more eco- friendly options such as cloth pad and menstrual cups followed by its usage.

There were a total of 146 participants.

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Published On: January 14th, 2022Categories: Mathematics, Mathematics Activities