St. Teresa’s College stands for bringing women from different backgrounds together in the spirit of empowerment and service to the society. The college with highest NAAC grade of A++ and with an NIRF ranking of 47 has been at the forefront of initiating socially relevant programmes and activities integrating social, environmental and ethical concerns for the larger good of the community. One of our key missions is to contribute to the transformation of society by grooming socially conscious and responsible citizens. This spirit of community development is reflected in the activities undertaken by students and staff during these trying pandemic times. Some initiatives and activities initiated under the umbrella of the college during Covid-19 are detailed below.

Awareness and sensitization on Covid-19
Promoting Hygiene- To spread awareness on hand hygiene among students and staff, water taps were installed at the entrance of all campus buildings and posters have been put up to promote break the chain campaign by Kerala Government.
Design of reusable eco-friendly masks– As a precautionary measure, design of two layered cotton masks which are 100% eco-friendly, reusable and can be safely sterilized at home was developed as early as mid-February in collaboration with Haritha Keralam Mission, Suchitwa Mission-Ernakulam under the guidance of Ernakulam District medical office team.
Preparation of video tutorial on manufacture of masks– A tutorial was also prepared and shared with public on method of stitching such eco- friendly multi layered masks.
Preparation of user guides on proper use of masks– Guidelines were prepared in three different languages on safe usage of masks and popularized among public.

Lending a hand to frontline Covid-19 workers
Supply of Sanitizers- College took initiative to make and test hand sanitizers in the labs which were donated to all staff in college and to officials of Central Police Station, Ernakulam.
Provision of masks-Around 2500 masks were manufactured and supplied to various govt. departments including police, CBI, Ernakulam district authorities and nearby Panchayaths.
14 by 14 salute-A 14 word motto challenge initiative was launched across all the 14 districts of Kerala to express the Malayalee community’s gratitude towards medical professionals and all those who work tirelessly for protecting our people. Participants from all 14 districts of Kerala contributed in sharing a positive message for the health workers. The message was shared with Indian Medical Association (IMA).                                                                                              Click here to view the: Video

Documentary of Panchayat’s Covid-19 activities-UBA team and Dept. of Commerce (SF) made a documentary to highlight the varied efforts of Mulavukad Panchayat in tackling COVID-19. This documentary was uploaded by the Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) to their YouTube channel and sent to Government of India.                               Click here to view the: Video1 and Video2

Health, Physical fitness, Towards Cleaner Environment

Health and immunity being primary weapons to tackle this pandemic

Promoting exercise-Reminding everyone to stay healthy, Physical Education dept. took the initiative to promote daily physical fitness activities of students and made a video to encourage such activities during lockdown period.                                                                                    Click here to view the: Video
“Know the immune boosters around you”: Putting to practical use the knowledge acquired in their course, students of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics prepared a video about immuno boosters around us. The attempt was to include food items that are easily available in our locality which will improve immunity- the need of the hour to combat Covid-19.                                   Click here to view the: Video
Social forestry- ‘Pachathuruthu’ – a social forestry project with the objective of preserving greenery, afforestation of barren lands and promoting a healthy environment was developed during lockdown to encourage girls to don the role of Teresian Tree Mentors.  They have taken up the task of mentoring around 8000 tree saplings in Ernakulam District in association with Haritha Keralam Mission.

My home clean home-The objective of this program taken up as part of Haritha Keralam Mission Challenge was to encourage scientific solid waste management at home including sorting, recycling and treatment of organic waste at source. Photos of such activities were posted in Haritha Keralam Mission, Government of Kerala’s website setting an example for other students.

Nature heals itself: A lockdown therapy for your wardrobe- Taking inspiration from the theme ‘Nature heals itself’ students initiated a project of promoting sustainable fashion so as to not wound mother earth further. As part of this, students of the Women’s studies department, in association with Bhoomithra Sena club and Haritha Keralam Mission Govt. of Kerala used lockdown days to redesign old clothes into wearable and novel garments.                                               Click here to view the: Video

“Maattathinte Noolizha” Department of Communicative English lent their co-operation to such efforts through a Public Relations campaign “Maatathinte Noolizha” to promote sustainable fashion which kick started with a hand me down challenge.    Click here to view the videos:   Video1 and Video2

Towards food security

Grow Your Food Initiative: Faculty and students are encouraged to grow vegetables at home with minimal use of organic fertilizer and manure in a budget-friendly manner.  Pamphlets with information were circulated online which helped Teresians to be creative, and contribute to sustainable livelihood.

‘Miracles with Microgreens’ Initiative: Special emphasis is given to growing micro greens at home and including it in their diet to overcome the scarcity of green leafy vegetables during lockdown.

‘Homestead Biodiversity Study Campaign’-The faculty and students are preparing biodiversity registers by identifying the flora and fauna in and around their houses and preparing a report on these. This is being combined and submitted to the Kerala State Biodiversity Board for reference and will serve as a supplementary material to the Biodiversity register of the respective Panchayats. Digital album was created by Botany department on homestead bio-diversity.

Growing micro greens at home   Photography Competition: Animal Diversity      Grow Your Food Initiative

Counselling– Department of Psychology has been lending their expertise  to provide free personal counselling to students and general public as team members of Jenika Charity Foundation, Ernakulam and  also to Persons with Disabilities  along with Prapthi Centre for Child & Adolescent Counselling.

Covid kurippukal College launched a campaign to bring people together and keeping their spirits high during this challenging time. The campaign encouraged people to share their personal anecdotes and experiences regarding the distinctive/ unique/ positive things which they’ve done or observed during these days which helped spread positivity.         Click here for news coverage in Asianet News channel

Jesus Youth- was actively engaging in online courses and activities to uplift spirits and stay positive in these testing times. Dr. Beena Job, Associate Professor, Department of English facilitated 3 webinars for the Jesus Youth across the world, shared her testimony and conducted a music/prayer session on 4 April 2020.                                                                                                                  Click here to view: Video

Post Lockdown awareness

After lockdown- A video was made by students of Dept. of Commerce (Regular) to sensitise public about safety measures to undertake after lifting of nationwide lockdown.

Quiz and Creative Video contest on the topic “After Covid19”An awareness quiz was conducted in which around 1500 people from all walks of society participated. Also, a video contest, with the title ‘After Covid19’ was organised.                                                                         Click here to view the: Video

Disaster preparedness

Digital locker creation- A YouTube video describing the steps of opening of digi-locker account and uploading of certificate in it was created.  It aimed to promote use of digital lockers- where an account holder can ensure safe custody of their valuable documents and certificates – a facility provided by the central Govt. under Digital India initiative. The e -Jaalakam team of Dept. of Economics initiated steps to enhance disaster preparedness of residents of Kunnukara Panchayath by supporting them in opening of such lockers.                                                                                      Click here to view the: Video

Lockdown but not academic lockdown

To not let the lockdown affect academics, students and faculty are engaged in various online activities. Online resources for learning and research were shared with students, classes organised and exams conducted with utmost care and safety regulations to prevent any untoward incidents. Various departments organised around 2 international and 27 national webinars to enhance learning and research. Our faculty toned up their knowledge through participation in around 268 faculty development programs /webinars and also served as resource persons for both national/ international webinars and in panel discussions by media channels. Students were encouraged to present papers particularly in relation to Impact of Covid-19 in turn sensitising them to tackle the long run socio- economic effects of the pandemic.

All these activities reflect the Teresian spirit of keeping our institution’s flag flying high even during most challenging times and imparting true education which enhances capability of women to use their skills and knowledge to help address various challenges faced by mankind, our nation, state and locality.

“This too shall pass”

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Published On: March 22nd, 2020Categories: Public News