“Student Exchange Summer Programme- London”

It’s is very pleasure and proud to announce that 5 students Ms. Safiya Mahz, Ms. Amritha Suresh, Ms. Farhana Mohammed, Ms. Ashjan Shafi of 3rd DC B.Sc Apparel and Fashion Design and Ms. Archa Saji of 2nd DC B.Sc Apparel and Fashion Design, Department of Fashion Designing has been selected to attend the student exchange summer programme at Richmond University, London from May 20th 2019 to June 8th 2019.

Students attended courses on ” Fashion and Media” and “Foundation in Photography“.

Foundation in photography is a practical course consisting of assignments based on photography and its skills, technical terms and editing final photographs. They also had a presentation about their favorite photographer.

Fashion and Media is a theory paper consisting of presentations on ” Online Influence and our own use on social media” and the final assessment was based on a written exam which was held on 7th June. Several topics including History of Fashion Models, Fashion Marketing, Use of Internet in Fashion, Product Branding were covered during the session.

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