Radio Kochi 90 FM is a Community Radio Service (CRS) initiative of St. Teresa’s College (Autonomous), and it is Kochi’s first Community Radio Station, licensed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India.
Forever with You…
Our Tagline ‘Forever with You’ underlines the commitment we have towards the society to cater to the varied information requirements of the public as a whole.

Radio Kochi 90 FM: A Credible Community Media for Development Communication

Radio Kochi 90 FM aspires to become a responsible media for credible and beneficial information to the society through media advocacy and informative radio programmes by focusing on the following thematic areas such as:

  • Climate change and food security
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Disaster Management
  • Coastal area management and significance
  • Education
  • Empowerment of women and children
  • Health and Nutrition/Hygiene
  • Energy management and sustainable energy
  • Promotion of science and technology
  • Promotion of arts and culture
  • Skill development and livelihood
  • Agriculture and farming etc

Transforming Community to ‘Informed Community’ through Knowledge Dissemination

Radio Kochi 90 FM strives to best serve the community through knowledge dissemination by means of informative radio programmes pertaining to its thematic focal areas which would transform the community to ‘informed community’. An information rich community/society plays pivotal role to synergise government’s efforts to achieve encompassing development goals.

Participatory Communication Strategies to Ensure Public Participation in Radio Programme Production
By emphasizing on the ‘You’ factor Radio Kochi 90 FM encourages and promotes public participation in programme making to give expression and voice to the aspirations of the society.

Involving Multiple Stake Holders in Dissemination of Developmental Messages

With the objective of harnessing pluralistic views and opinions on socio-economic-educational-environmental aspects, Radio Kochi 90 FM shall liaise with multiple stake holders such as:

  • District Administration
  • Multiple State/Central Government Departments/Organisations
  • Local Self Government Department
  • NGOs/Trusts/Foundations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Arts and Cultural Societies etc

Strategic Role Radio Kochi 90 FM shall Play in Disaster Management/Association with State Disaster Management Authority

Natural disasters often strike in a flash leaving little time for the people to take safety measures. For communities living in areas prone to natural disasters, improving their disaster management capacity is key to survival. In this context, access to timely and relevant information is crucial.

Radio’s role in disaster management is inarguably supreme as it is the most dynamic media that people can rely on during emergencies. Through mobiles, battery operated transistors specific information during emergency shall reach to the people timely, making Radio the most reliable source for information.

Your Radio…Your Voice…

We welcome You All to be a part of this media initiative and together let us make a Difference…!!!

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Published On: May 10th, 2021Categories: Cochin news, college news