A placement drive was organized by the Department of Food Processing Technology in collaboration with Jubilant Food Works. Jubilant Food Works Limited is India’s largest foodservice company and is part of the Jubilant Bhartia Group. Incorporated in 1995, the Company holds the exclusive master franchise rights from Domino’s Pizza Inc. to develop and operate the Domino’s Pizza brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. It’s happy to share that 24 students were placed out of 50 applications. This suggests a relatively high placement rate, which is a positive outcome for the students and reflects well on the Department of Food Processing Technology.

List of placed students

  1. Ashna Anzar
  2. Yameema M Kabeer
  3. Amalendu R
  4. Anagha B Sudeep
  5. Christeena varghese
  6. Febin Fathima
  7. Febin Fathima
  8. Karthika unnikrishnan
  9. Moonisha Thuddathage
  10. Neha Sara Saji
  11. Nehal Fathima P A
  12. Nimisha Benny
  13. Reshna Remesh
  14. Sandhra C J
  15. M. A
  16. Stiya babu
  17. T S Kavya
  18. Fida Shoukath
  19. Aardra A R
  20. Athulya prasad
  21. Abhay Anilchandran A B
  22. Krishnajith J R Nair
  23. Mohammed Adel A
  24. Shyam Alex


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