An orientation program for students from IDP Education was organised by BCA (Cloud Technology and Information Security Management). The program was for the interested ones in continuing their educational programs on international universities across the globe.

IDP(International Development Program) is an international education organisation offering student placements in Australia, New Zealand,Canada, USA, UK and Ireland. It is an international organisation partnering with the British Council, University of Cambridge and EOSL Examinations for IELTS tests.
The session was conducted by the certified counsellors of the IDP Education. They talked about the detailed information about the merits and privileges of being a student in the country, why it is an advantage to study abroad and how they can be helpful to the students in achieving their goals of being an international student. The merits are that it helps in improving the living standards, learning more about cultural diversities, independency, self-confidence, quality education, knowledge and global certifications.

The team also provided students with a clear understanding about each countries, student benefits and the courses provided by the top Universities of the country. The session helped students to know more about distant education, different countries, top universities in that country, qualifications that are necessary for further education, courses provided and the living cost in each country etc.

The members of the IDP Education were very helpful in clearing the doubts of the students about the scholarships, placements, applications and visa-necessities and other requirements needed as a student. They also provided the students with brochures that has more information. On the whole scale, the orientation session was really very helpful in understanding about the advantages of studying broad and the necessary requirements for studying abroad and has helped in growing more interest in students who wish to study in other countries and to gain more knowledge and education and other self-qualities.

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