The Department of French in association with the Institution Innovation Council (IIC) of St. Teresa’s College organized a webinar on entrepreneurship, ‘My story: motivational session by a successful entrepreneur’, on 30th November 2020.

The key resource person for the webinar ‘My story: motivational session by a successful entrepreneur’  was the remarkable entrepreneur, Ms. May Joy, who is synonymous with Maternity Fashion. Her label ‘Ziva’ is one of the very few maternity fashion brands of Indian origin.

The speaker motivated the young and aspiring entrepreneurs to sharpen their skills and work towards achieving their dreams. She truly motivated the students to interact with her. During the discussions, she explained to them, what it is to be an entrepreneur, the challenges young entrepreneurs might face, and what shall be helpful to tackle these challenges. Ms. May Joy communicated with the students in a simple manner quoting experiences from her own life. The session was truly interactive and undoubtedly enlightening.

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Published On: December 1st, 2020Categories: French Department Activities