The Department of Mathematics and Statistics Marked the Activities of the Project Lalitham Ganitham for the Year 2023-24 At the Government Children’s Home At Kakkanad. Through This Project, Our Students Engaged in One-on-one Interactions with the Children Living At the Home. Through This Project, We Aim to Alleviate Any Apprehensions Children May Have Had About Mathematics and Foster An Appreciation for the Subject’s Inherent Beauty.
Our initial site visit, conducted on 15.07.2023, was led by faculty coordinators Reshma Ma’am and Anagha Ma’am, along with student coordinators Mary Dona and Gayathri. The purpose of this visit was to connect with the children, fostering a positive interaction and gaining insight into their well-being.
The follow-up visit on 05.08.2023, led by faculty coordinator Anagha Ma’am, included a small examination to assess the knowledge levels of the children. This initiative, with active participation from
students Gayathri, Mary Dona, and Ashlin Ambrose, aimed to gain insights into individual learning needs and shape future educational support strategies.
The visits on 09.09.2023 and 16.09.2023, led by student coordinators Gayathri and Mary Dona, were
dedicated to providing coaching sessions for the inmates at [Name of the Institution]. The primary
objective was to offer educational support and mentorship to enhance the skills and knowledge of the

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Published On: September 17th, 2023Categories: Mathematics, Mathematics – TROP, Mathematics Activities