“Every word written is a victory against death”- Michel Butor

A life is only but half-lived, which has not known the raptures of losing itself in the pages of a book. Ideas and thoughts that are amply nourished and cultivated find glorious outlets through different media- be them books, movies, drawings and a host of various art forms and expressions. Every change, every new step toward progress in mankind’s history was realised as a result of a single thought/idea expressed in one or another manner. The impact that such forms of expressions of an idea/thought made, is exactly what serves to set apart a particular generation.

« La Rentrée Littéraire 2020 » is a special event in France dedicated to the publishing and sales of new books through traditional libraries and online forums. In accordance with the same, the Department of French had invited entries from student book-lovers, to express their passion for tomes. The budding youth of St. Teresa’s has come forward with truly creative ways demonstrating their love for books.

Voilà!! We are proud to share their entries with you- ‘Little spaces made bigger with great minds!