The Department of Management Studies of St. Teresa’s College ( Autonomous) Ernakulam, fortunately, enjoyed its Industrial Visit on the International Day of Universal Access to Information. The 1st year and final-year students of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Business Analytics experienced their first IV on September 28, 2022, Wednesday. The students were given a great opportunity to visit the Integrated Command, Control & Communication Center (IC4) Kochi, Kaloor, Ernakulam under the guidance of their teachers.  

The session was held by Mr. Anoop P Nair, Program Manager, IC4 Kochi who spared his valuable time and effort to provide the students with first-hand information about the organization, its duties, responsibilities, and commitment to the citizens of Kochi. 

Mr. Anoop elucidated on ‘Integrated Command Control and Communication Center, Kochi’, what are their functions, components, elements and services, outcomes, solutions, and architecture as well as the data analytics in relation to IC4, Kochi. The IC4 facility was formally inaugurated on June 8, 2020, under Cochin Smart Mission Limited, SPV of Smart Cities Mission, MoHUA, which aims to act as a decision support system and handle an emergency situation within Kochi Municipal Corporation boundaries.  

The resource person described how the establishment collects and stores inputs from various smart elements and civic services within their jurisdiction on a single platform which would be then later analyzed and assessed accordingly. He was willing to explain other components of IC4 such as Geographic Information System (GIS), Grievance Management Module (GMM), Smart Kochi App & web portal, Solid Waste Management App as well as the sophisticated infrastructure of IC4, Kochi, and its utilization in the society. He further explained other smart elements including, but not limited to Intelligent Traffic Management Systems, Solar Roof Top, Smart LED Street Lights, Public Bike Sharing, Emergency Services, and City Surveillance all of which are being constantly monitored and managed by IC4 and support with a smart livable environment to the general public. The IC4 not only helps the public but other government departments as well including the police, electricity board, fire and rescue, water authority, motor vehicle department, and more. An outlook of their upcoming projects that they are looking forward to was mentioned as well. The resource person was briefed about the approaches and architecture of data analytics and the six steps of CRISP-DM and the features of the IC4 application.







He also briefed about the District Covid War Room established in IC4 during the pandemic’s peak. The war room was set to monitor and manage the hospital’s oxygen availability and bed availability and acted as a centralized control room for the patient dispatch system.

The program ended with a question-answer session, where the resource person did not hesitate to answer any of the queries which were addressed by the students. He lectured that the students must not put a limit on what they do and reach as high as they can. The department expressed its gratitude to the team of Cochin Smart Mission Limited & IC4 for the informative session which was a golden opportunity for the students to learn how data analytics are applied for managing and monitoring smart elements and services in Kochi.