“On-, the air was alive excitement and a sense of nostalgia, as the alumnae of the Department of French of St. Teresa’s (through all the years right from when the department was first formed) were gathered together virtually, via GoogleMeet, to have a virtual connect or ‘home-coming’ of sorts to their alma mater. The current staff as well as faculties who had previously served in the department also had this chance to meet and bond.

As the screens of each persons lit up, it became a reality- the opportunity afforded by technology, especially in times of the pandemic, to be able to connect to each other, regardless of distance and time. They were more than 150 connecting from places like the U.K., Dubai, Canada etc; those that were having their cup of evening coffee at the time, driving back from work etc, none of which came in the way of this connect.

The host for the day was Ms. Punya Raj Panicker. The programme was opened by a devotional hymn and prayer, invoking the Almighty’s blessings. Following this, was the speech by Ms. Sabeena Bhaskar (H.O.D, Department of French), who expressed the warmth of getting to meet so many of the students and colleagues, past and present, all in one space. The participants were asked to each introduce themselves briefly. This helped reveal that, almost 95% of the alumnae were gainfully employed and taking strides in their personal and professional lives.

The members for the Alumnae Association were elected. Ms. Anasa has been elected as the president, Ms. Anupa, Secretary and Ms. Chinju Babu, as the Treasurer.

The present batch of students spruced up the evening with the various entertainment programmes they had arranged, even while being in the lockdown at their homes. There were dances and skits and songs that showcased their vast array of talents. Especially touching was the clip they had put together, a nostalgic presentation- which displayed photos of the students and teachers of the department, from the very first batch to the current one. Notable were Ann Thasia Netto and Sana who filled the hearts of the alumnae with their amazing solo songs and Nikitha who left the audience thrilled with her dance performance. There was an amazing group song by the I M.T.T.M students and a breathtaking group dance by the I BA French students. Also, another dance by Aparna James and Hiba Anub which was also astounding. One of the highlights of the event was a monoact by Philosona Thobias. There was silence and the occasional cheers, amidst the spectators, as memories came flooding back.

Technology, along with the dedication of the teachers and present batch of students, helped overcome barriers of location and time zones to bring the huge family of Teresians of the Department back together for some precious hours.”

  • – a proud alumnae