Distribution Of LED Bulbs To Flood Hit Families By Teresians

Under I-CONNECT-Initiatives for CONservation of Nature and Energy Coordinated by Teresians, the Department of Physics issued 500 LED bulbs assembled by the students of the department. The distribution of LED bulbs to flood hit families in Pizhala of Kadamakudy Grama panchayat was done on 5th October 2018. It was sponsored by State bank of India under its CSR scheme.

5th Oct 2018 will be memorable for all the students as well teaching faculty of Physics department who took part inDistribution Of LED Bulbs To Flood Hit Families this campaign. They remain enthusiastic in assembling the bulbs and making it available to the flood-hit families in Pizhala of Kadamakudy Grama panchayat. Even though everybody knows the difficulties faced by the people of the flood-hit region. They are in a way to get back from the problems and trying to regain the normal life. So this campaign had helped them to get one of the most required equipment. Many of houses have regained the electricity connection and are in need of the bulbs, fans. We are very grateful in providing our hands to resettle their lives.

Apart from all this students and staffs who took part in the campaign realized the situation of the people who are facing the problems due to the flood. Hope they understood that reality is much more bitter than viewing it in media. And we are thanking State Bank of India for joining our hands in providing the bulbs to make it available for the needy that was given to us under its CSR scheme. Also, we thank our management for giving us full support.


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Published On: October 8th, 2018Categories: Physics Activities, Public News