Well done!!!
Here are the messages from our winners: Irin, from Bsc Chemistry, and Kavya, from BA French

==> It’s time to rise above, give back what has been taken. We are one and so is our earth, a gift a blessing not a curse. The mother who nurtures, treats our Lesions. It’s time to give back and protect her creations.The earth revives and provides, its almost poetic for us to do the same. The little things we do for her to come back to life makes all the difference, in the end that’s all that matters. For future generations sum and substance to stay up right we should be the ones who provide.Remember for she can survive without us but the same is not Imaginable for us. We must Shield the earth from our follies and vices.Save earth from all fake disguises.We should get one with nature,get our hands dirty for it to transpire,in the end there is #onlyoneearth, that we should never jeopardize for our inhuman desires…

By Irin Jogi
Bsc Chemistry, 1st year
St. Teresa’s college (Autonomous), Ernakulam

==> Utterly erroneous is our percipience of the nature , that it is amaranthine and bounteous. Heedless of the withering greens and barren streams, we dwell in delusions, nescient of the eddying doom. Let the raging forest fires and parched river streaks be a rallying cry for you to snap out of lethargy and fight for the earth. For its our only home. For there is #onlyoneearth.

By Kavya Dev
III BA French
St. Teresa’s college (Autonomous), Ernakulam

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Published On: June 13th, 2022Categories: French Department Activities