In the spirit of ‘La fête nationale’ (The Bastille Day),  celebrated every year on 14th of July, the Department of French organized a model making competition for the students of the college.

The students skillfully created miniature models of France’s national symbols like the French flag, the Eiffel Tower, the Bastille pillar and more. The pieces of art submitted came through with such creativity of imagination and clear talent, that choosing a single winner proved to be a difficult task.

Hearty congratulations to the students who won the first prize, namely, Ms. K. J. Aadhya, Ms. Diya Joshy, and Ms. Gopika Gopalakrishnan! Felicitations to Ms. Felina Sarah Simon, Ms. Nivya Sabu and Ms. Shivani Sunil, the second prize winners and also to Ms. Savitha Unnikrishnan who won the third prize.

The winners were provided with e-certificates.

Kudos to all the participants!