On behalf of World Food Safety Day, an awareness program on food safety
was organized by the Department of Food Processing Technology on June 7th,
2023. The program was conducted for school going students to raise
awareness regarding the need and importance of food safety in today’s economy
and also to educate them on the relevance of consuming safe and healthy foods
to prevent the occurrences of food borne illness or food infections among
adolescents and teenagers. The seminar session was organized at Bhavans
Vidyamandir, Eroor and St. Teresa’s Higher Secondary School, Ernakulam. The
programme awakened a sense of awareness among the students regarding the
safety of the food that they consume, emphasis on food adulteration and the
means to handle and register complaints upon detection of such adulterated
food. The session turned out to be a very successful and a fruitful one.

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