The Department of French organised an awareness class against alcoholism and drug abuse in co-operation with the ‘Vimukti mission’ (Kerala State Mission for De-addiction) at RAMS College, Ayyampilly. The event was conducted in association with the Cochin Taluk Library Council. A group of I B.A. French students namely Miss. Anie Ribu Joshy, Miss. Mishika Pal, Miss. Punya Raj Panicker and Miss. Rhea Ashley Solomon were accompanied by Ms. Sabeena Bhaskar, H.O.D of the Department of French to the venue for the same. The programme was inaugurated by Sri. Ayyampilly Bhaskaran, an eminent personality in the locality.

The talk was presented by Miss. Anie Ribu Joshy, who began with a testimony as to how and why she became an anti-drug activist at such a young age. She later used tricks of mentalism to capture the attention of the audience and thus engaged their minds in such a way that they realised and were reassured about the power within them. The speaker also provided insights on topics like how thoughts can be approached scientifically, how habits are formed and how overtime one makes one’s own destiny. The audience were made to repeat a set of affirmations which left a lasting impression in their minds.

The success of the talk was truly evident from the genuine feedback received from the audience who found the class truly beneficial and worth holding on to. The day proved to be a real eye-opener to all those involved.

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Published On: February 28th, 2020Categories: French – TROP