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Achievements – Student/Faculty


 Student Achievements Venessa Maria Fernandez of III BA French secured II prize for Western group song in the Inter- University Youth Festival, South Zone held at Hindustan University, Chennai on 21st December 2017. Venessa Maria Fernandez of III BA French secured II prize for Western Group Song in National University Youth Festival held at Ranchi University, [...]

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Extension Activity


As part of the extension activity students of the French department helped the staff in the Public Library, Ernakulam to rearrange the French books in the library, to number it and enter it in the system in the month of December 2017.  

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Interaction with French Tourists


The students of the French department had the opportunity to interact with French tourists who visited the department. Ms. Venessa Richier (physiotherapist) from France visited the department on 9th February and Mr. Morgan Hug (sound Engineer) and Ms. Camille Imesch (psychologist) who are working in Switzerland visited the department on 12th February. It was an enriching experience [...]

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The students and teachers of the department of French celebrated Epiphany on the 17th of January. There was a small presentation by the second years, explaining the story behind Epiphany. The traditional cake was cut, with a hidden charm inside it.  Rhea of Ist DC got the piece with the charm, so she was crowned queen [...]

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Avenir 2018


Avenir 2018 is a new venture by the MTTM students. It is a platform where the job seekers get the opportunity to meet companies from different sectors in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Around 21 companies and 150 candidates participated in the event. The job fair was held on 10th February 2018.  

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Department Activities 2017-2018


La Fête de la Musique: The Music Fest, ‘La Fête de la Musique’, was celebrated in the department of French on 21st June 2017, in connection with World Music Day celebrations which had its origin in France. The students and teachers celebrated the event together by participating in games like “Mimic the Song’ and singing [...]

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La Perle – Department Magazine


The department magazine, 'La Perle' is a French magazine published every year. It was first released in the year 2008 under the initiative of Caroline Agenet, the then foreign faculty of the department. It aims at promoting the literary talents and creativity of the BA French students. Here is a glimpse of La Perle 2017: [...]

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Department Activities


2006-2012: Visit of French Naval Officers in the Department The departmental magazine ‘LA PERLE’ was published for the first time in 2008. Students attended DELF examination AMIS DE RÊVE, A project in which our students interact with the students of France. Interaction with Canadian tourists   2012-2017:   The department magazine ‘La Perle’, a student initiative [...]

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Notable Achievements


NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS - STUDENT/FACULTY We are proud to acknowledge the achievements of our students. Some of our students are placed as Assistant Professors in colleges, some as school teachers,  some as translators in multinational companies, IT sector and hospitals, in Tourism industry, in Airline sector, Management field, some as advocates and there are also students [...]

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