The fresher’s day was conducted on 13th September 2022, Tuesday at the department from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. The first year students of both UG and PG were given instructions to wear Punjabi themed dresses. 

The program started with a prayer and a welcome speech. The first years were given an introduction about the department through a small video which showcased the various activities, reels and videos done by the department and students. A small gift along with a welcome note was distributed to all the freshers welcoming them to be a part of the department. 

Games including guessing malayalam songs translated to English, dancing to songs with genres prompted by the emcee, and having some students pretend to sleep and another trying to ‘wake’ them up pretending to be their mother were played. 

These were interspersed with a song by a first year and dances by 2A, 2B, and PG. Short skits with themes taken from movies were performed by a few students from each first year class. First years with the best Punjabi attires were then called to the stage to show off their outfits and walk the ramp. Interested students were asked to speak different slangs from their hometowns. Finally, some students were asked to dance as couples. 

Ms. Fresher was announced by the Head of the Department, Ms. Ursula Paul as Anju from I UG Math B.

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Published On: September 14th, 2022Categories: Mathematics, Mathematics Activities