The Advanced Learner’s Class(ALC) held every Thursday for the group of students who are interested in strengthening the knowledge on the subject for entrance examinations conducted by universities outside the state. The main objective of ALC is to prepare the BA economics students to be able enough to crack the Masters entrance exams. The students who attend these classes are from first year, second year and third year BA classes.

REPORT 2016-17

The initial classes were taken by Ms. Anju George, faculty of economics dept. The mathematical concepts such as Application of derivatives, Slopes, Application of partial derivatives, Demand analysis, Hessian determinant, problems using lagragian multipliers and problems based on consumer surplus was taken. At the end of each class the concepts studied were taught with teaching the application of it in mathematical forms. A few questions based on the taught topics from the previous year question papers of JNU, DU was also worked out.

The second phase of the ALC was continued by Ms. NirmalaPadhmanabhan. The main textbook that we followed in Microeconomics was Pindyck. In the month of August, the topic of Budget Line was finished. In the coming classes the students worked in groups to solve the exercise of second chapter of pindyck textbook. Another topic which was taught is elasticity. The mathematical problems of the same was also worked out.Resuming classes after the semester break, further topics of consumer behavior and different types of indifference curve were taught.The students raised doubts regarding the different classification of the good in the market. The effect on an increase or decrease in the price of a commodity and the effect of change of income of the consumer could be reflected on the indifference curve. The concept of Langragian Multiplier was introduced to the juniors.The constrained optimization was also taught. The exercise questions of chapter 2 were completely discussed and the students were asked to solve the exercise of chapter 4.


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Assistant Professor, Department of Economics