In commemoration of the 77th Independence Day, students from the Department of Psychology, St. Teresa’s College (Autonomous) gathered to celebrate this significant occasion with profound patriotism and a deep sense of pride. Despite the many years that have passed since we achieved our independence, a lingering question persists in our minds: Are we truly free? To explore this complex notion of freedom and independence, the Department of Psychology organized a compelling skit competition centered around the theme ‘Freedom in Modern India’ on August 16th, 2023.

The UG and PG students enthusiastically participated in the competition, each tackling distinct aspects of the concept of freedom in contemporary India. First-year undergraduate students focused on the enduring influence that the British colonial era and foreign languages have had on Indian society. Second-year undergraduates presented a poignant skit portraying the struggle of women in Indian society, particularly their quest for the freedom to make choices for themselves. Third-year undergraduates delved into pressing gender-related issues, challenging traditional gender roles, addressing LGBTQ concerns, and highlighting the critical issue of domestic violence.

The skit performed by the first-year postgraduate students delved into the theme of the right to freedom of expression and its exploitation, while the last skit, presented by second-year postgraduate students, threw light on the ongoing India-Pakistan issues that continue to shape our nation’s dynamics.

All five groups put forth their utmost effort in depicting the contemporary challenges facing India. Among these exceptional performances, the skit performed by the first-year postgraduate students was awarded the first prize, and the second prize was claimed by the second-year postgraduate students.

Additionally, Ms. Samanwitha, a third-year undergraduate student of the department, was recognized as a promising performer for her outstanding acting skills.

The event served as a catalyst for students to gain awareness of the current issues and challenges confronting India, fostering meaningful discussions on how these issues can be addressed and resolved.

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Published On: August 17th, 2023Categories: Cochin news, college news, Psychology, Psychology Activities