Date              :  4 November 2020

Venue           :   Youtube Video tutorials

No: of Beneficiaries:  8500+

Beneficiary type:   Kerala State board Lower Primary (Standards 1-4) students in Ernakulam

Need of the Activity:

The aim is to create video content for Kerala State board Lower Primary (Standards 1-4) students in Ernakulam. We’ll focus exclusively on Maths. The plan is to make 30 videos for each standard. Each video will be 3-4 minutes long and should engage the attention of the students.

Brief Description:

This is an initiative of Ernakulam MLA Mr. T J Vinod and his team. What they primarily aim is to improve the quality of education of students from the underprivileged sections of the society. Quality education is every child’s right and they shouldn’t be denied it just because they belong to a particular community. So, what we will be doing here is to supplement the knowledge these kids receive at school with the content we create.

Our character is Mylo Master, a Fox which symbolises cleverness, confidence and creativeness and it will be used in the videos for our subject. This will help grab the kids’ attention as well as provide some sort of continuity for the videos. Students will through textbook and Victers YouTube channel and bring out creative storyline, adding a practical angle to the subject knowledge, for each topic, which is later scripted. Required editing, except for the character’s will be done by students.

Expected Outcomes:

Students get something more than just dead textbook knowledge. They get to know about some practical applications with their subject knowledge. They can easily understand as well as recall what they have learnt in class through this nutshell video.