St.Teresa’s College,provides the holistic education that enables our students to actively participate in community life. Because womens’ education is a crucial factor that contributes to our nation-building. For the past ninety years we have been educating young women from different strata’s of our society. So being a winner of WWS Scholar is a markable achievement, which leads us to an endless journey of success.

We the department of Physics proudly informs, the winner of WWS scholar Ms.Cerine Tressa Russell of ll DC Physics had won the second prize  in quiz competition held by State level Motivation Camp, 29-31 January 2019 at Rajagiri College for Social Sciences, Kalamassery.

We congratulates the winner of WWS scholar, Cerine Tressa Russell in the quiz competition among the selected WWS scholars across Kerala. During a three day residential State level Motivation Camp held at Rajagiri College for Social Sciences. She is the best WWS(walk in with a scholar) scholar  from our college to take part in the motivation camp.

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Published On: January 31st, 2019Categories: Physics Achievements, Public News