The Department of Zoology conducted the ‘Wildlife Week Celebrations-2016, from 7th  to 11th November 2016. Various competitions were conducted for the students like Scientific Spell Bee, Quiz, Travelogue, Pictionary, Photography etc. Competitions were conducted on all 5 days from 2:15 pm to 3:30 pm at the Zoology Department.

On 7th November, the competitions conducted were PPT Presentation and Scientific Spell Bee. The topic for PPT Presentation was ‘Western Ghats’. Two other group events were also introduced like Aquarium settingand Scrap Book Setting. The department also instilled a trophy for the Best Class, sponsored by Smt.Gladys Francis Former HOD of the Department.

On 8th November, the competitions conducted were Poster Designing, Quiz, Scientific Drawing, Caption Writing and Travelogue. The topic for Poster Designing was ‘Man and Nature in Harmony’. The competitions conducted on 9th November were Power Point Preparation, Collage and Pencil Drawing. The topic for collage was ‘Habitat Destruction’ and the topic for pencil drawing was ‘Endangered Species of India’. The competitions conducted on 10th November were Best Word, Pictionary, Memory Game, Jumble in the Jungle and Photography. The topic for photography was ‘Faunal Diversity of Science Block, St. Teresa’s College.

On 11th November, the competitions conducted were Debate, Radio talk, Painting and Jute Bag Designing. The topic for Debate was ‘Hydroelectric Power: Boon or Bane’ and the topic for radio talk was ‘Disappearing Bees’ and for painting was ‘Butterfly Diversity of India’.

The highlight of the wildlife week competitions,  was a  on the topic ‘Science Vs Wildlife’.

Further, the Best Class 2016 was awarded to the PG class followed by 2nd prize to III DC and 3rd prize to II DC.

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Published On: November 11th, 2016Categories: Zoology Activities