• To understand the community of Udaya colony
  • To know the working condition of the people specially the women
  • To support them with self reliant works such as making bags, making organic food products etc.


The students of 3rd DC History of St.Teresa’s College visited the UDAYA COLONY on August 8th 2015.  The students met the young girls and the women to know their aptitude. We conducted survey with the prepared questionnaire.

Questionnaire prepared for TROP activity in Udaya Colony

  1. What is the main occupational pattern of the colony?
  2. Assess the subsistence pattern of the colony?
  3. What kind of occupation pattern women of the colony are engaged in?
  4. Evaluate the educational and nutritional status of women and children in colony
  5. Assess the health and hygienic condition of the colony.
  6. Whether people are aware of Human Rights.


The outcome of the survey was quite productive. The students decided to reach out to them with making ear rings and to conduct a class on how to keep their environment neat tidy. We also planned to give tuitions and necessary help to the students.

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Published On: October 12th, 2018Categories: VERETTA SHABDHAM