Report on Heritage Walk on 14th September 2023


Title of the program: ‘Traverse Through History’

Date: 14th September 2023

Venue: Kallil Temple, Iringol Kavu and Nagancheri Mana, Perumbavoor

Number of beneficiaries/ Participants: 55

Beneficiary type:  Students of III rd B.A. History, ST. Teresa’s College and II nd M.A. History S.S.V College, Perumbavoor


Activity Description:

 Department of History of ST. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam in collaboration with S.S.V. College, Perumbavoor has organised a Heritage Walk- Traverse Through History -to Kallil Temple, Iringol Kavu and Nagancheri Mana on 14th September 2023.

UG History students of ST. Teresa’s and PG History students of S.S.V. college collectively visited these two sites. They were accompanied by teachers of the respected colleges.

At Kallil Temple, they observed an ancient scripture and some rock carvings.

One of carvings was identified as Varthamana Mahavira, the 24th Thirthankara, by the scholars. It indicates the possibility of the existence of a Jain temple there. One another rock shows an elephant, an animal of significance to Jainists. But the script on the rocks remains undeciphered. It is also in a deteriorating stage. Students enthusiastically walked around the temple and were eager to know about its history.

Following that, they visited Iringol Kavu. This sacred groove appeared to an ecosystem hosting myriad plant and animal species. Students found it as a wonderful opportunity to explore the nature, since it provided a new universal different from their city surroundings.

Later, they visited Nagancheri Mana. This Mana, an old construction with antique collections was near the Kavu. In fact, for a long time the Kavu was under the authority of the Mana.

Nagancheri Mana is built in the old Kerala architectural style like a Nalukett with Nadumuttam or Open courtyard.

Students were able to understand the old pattern of construction through this visit. They found it very insightful.

The Patrons of the Programme was Rev. Dr. Sr. Emiline CSST, Director, St. Teresa’s college, Ernakulam and Dr. Alphonsa Vijaya Joseph, Principal, St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam. The coordinator of this online quiz competition was Dr.Jiya Tharian(Faculty, Department of History) The organising committee includes Dr. Stancy S (HOD, Department of History)Dr. Vinitha T. Tharakan, Smt. Jacquiline Deepika, Ms. Mintu Judson, Ms. Lakshmi P.J.


Outcome of the Activity:

This Heritage Walk provided a wonderful experience for the students. They were given an opportunity to dig into the past and explore their cultural legacy. Just like any other field visit, this journey was also an eye opener for the students as they became able to see whatever they learnt in their classrooms.

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