The department conducted a workshop on Photography, Theory and Practice in three sessions on 09-11-2018, 12-11-2018 and 16-11-2018 for the III UG students (VI Semester) of the Botany department.  The objective of this photography workshop was to provide a basic understanding of the visual and technical skills necessary to pursue and appreciate photography. The Resource person was Mr. Aravind Krishnan, Photographer Trainer, WAIMI Photography, Ernakulam.

The topics included for the first session was Introduction to Photography

1.What is Photography, History of Photography, 2.  Types of Camera – DLR, SLR, DSLR. 3. Lenses, Ultra wide angle lens [Fish Eye], Wide angle lens, Normal lens, Medium Tele lens, long focus lens. 4. Camera Menu, Focus, Focus ring, Image stabilizing,  ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed,   Exposure, Exposure Triangle, Composition, Rule of third, etc. 5. Areas of  Photography :- Portrait , Fine art, Travel, Food, Product , Fashion,  Advertising, Cinema, Table top, Publications, Sports, Corporate, Events, Wedding, Underwater, Medical, Ariel, 3D Photography and Panoramic  6. Masters  Photography. Lighting – Type of lights, Angle of light, Dimensions of light, Continuous light, Snob light, Flash light and TTL.

The second session was on 12-11-2018 on Video Documentary Making – Basics of video, Shots, Wide, Mid, Close-up, Extreme close-up,  Panning, Tilt up, Tilt down,  Ariel, Recording, Sound, etc. that will be helpful for theory and practical classes and field studies (Indoor and Outdoor).

The third session was conducted on 16-11-2018 on Microphotography – Theory and Practicalfor better documentation for project dissertations. Thirty nine III B.Sc. Botany students benefitted by the programme.

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Published On: November 18th, 2018Categories: Botany Department Activities