Syllabus of B.Com Self Financing

Common Core Courses include:

Semester I

Perspectives and Methodology of Business Studies Principles of Banking, Business regulatory framework, Business statistics

Semester II

Business Communication and Management Information System, Principles of Insurance, corporate regulation and Governance, Quantitative Techniques for business research.

Semester III

E-Commerce and General Informatics, Marketing Management, Business Management, Financial Accounting, Finance and Taxation (core- optional) – 1

Semester IV

Corporate Accounting, Financial Services, Capital Market, Finance and Taxation (core- optional) – 2

Semester V

Specialized Accounting, Advertising and Sales promotion, Cost Accounting, Finance and Taxation (core- optional) – 3

Semester VI

Auditing, Principles of Decision making, Finance and Taxation (core- optional) – 4, Project and Viva