sustainable development based on aspectsSt.Teresa’s College conducted an interdisciplinary International seminar on Sustainable Development based on aspects. And the seminar was based on economic, social and historical aspects. It was conducted on 15th November 2018. And the seminar was organized by the Economics, History and Sociology departments.  There were two sessions and the first session was taken by Dr Thankom Arun. She is the professor of Global development and accountability, University of Essex, Uk. And she had made a talk on the topic “Finance and Sustainable Development”. It was really helpful for most of the audience present over there.

The second session was taken by Dr Shoba Arun. She is the Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Her session was based on how to set gender inequalities and sustainable development goals using the gender capital approach in contemporary Kerala. Actually, both the sessions were actually beneficial and useful for students.

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