A  Research Seminar On Social Impact Of Entrepreneurship

The Department of Management Studies at St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, held its annual national seminar on 14th January, on the topic ‘Social Impact Of Entrepreneurship: An Ultimate Change’. The seminar was aimed at sensitizing our youth, especially future managers and entrepreneurs about the impending needs to nurture business opportunities with an eye on social value creation.

Social impact of Entrepreneurship:An ultimate change

The program was inaugurated by Mr. Vishnu P.R, CEO of C5 Foundation, in the presence of Dr. Sr. Vinitha CSST, Director – St Teresa’s College, Dr. Sajimol Augustine – Principal and Dr. Daly Paulose, Head of Dept of Management Studies of St. Teresa’s College. The panel of other eminent speakers included Ms. Lakshmi Menon (Founder-The Pure Living), Mr. Ramesh Menon (Founder-Save The Loom) and Mr. P.M. Abdul Azeez (MD-Azeezia Organic World). The event was jointly sponsored by Ajmal Bismi Enterprise, Creattio Events, and Weddings & Hemmer Bespoke Tailoring.

What is Entrepreneurship?

 Entrepreneurship is an enterprise that innovatively uses business methods that holds a social or environmental issue. In today’s times, social entrepreneurship is a revolution across the world. Various people create and implement effective, innovative solutions to the social and environmental challenges they face. Such options include for profit, or as a non-profit program, services, and products.

The entrepreneurial world is growing rapidly; Successful entrepreneurs also provide a pathway to the new technologies which could dramatically improve the way we live. When they engage with the selling of their service or product to meet their financial goals. Thereby it allows their society and business to grow rapidly. They are considered as an important component of a development strategy. The country’s economic development can play a social and political role. This process is used to creating local employment, balancing regional development, generating income among the poor peoples. It promotes positive changes to citizens.

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