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Sargalaya- The Art Village

 A wonder world of tradition in the form of beautiful handicrafts -this exquisite blend of tradition with beauty is what makes Sargaalaya the unique tourist destination, a soothing experience for every visitor. The art lovers and tourists can witness the live display of craftsmanship. With the rare combination of art and tourism, the village paves platform for the development of traditional artisans. The whole traditional industry of Arts and Handicrafts is getting boosted with ample opportunity for the sale of their products and they are given brand protection as well. They are also provided with the opportunity of learning the unique skills from the talented artisans.

Sargalaya Visit- Study Tour 2019


The Department of Fashion Designing arranged a study Trip to Sargaalaya- The Arts and Crafts Village. The students of 2nd year B.Sc. Apparel and Fashion Design and the students of 2nd year PG Diploma In Fashion Designing along with the faculty members Ms. Vinitha Paulose, Ms. Susan Anna Mathew and Ms. Honey Pratap attended the arts and craft exhibition conducted by Sargaalaya on 7th January 2019. It was the 8th international arts and crafts festival conducted in Sargaalaya.

Facts About Sargaalaya – Arts And Crafts Village

Location: Iringal, Kozhikode
Inaugration: 19th February 2011
Importance: Arts & Crafts village which helps the artisans to explore and exhibit their talents.
Visiting Hours: 10.00AM to 9.00PM (Monday is holiday for crafts units)


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Assistant Professor Department Of Fashion designing