Our Services

Microbiology and Molecular Biology services 

  • Antibacterial analysisTICC  offers a specialized facility dedicated to facilitating students in the assessment of antibacterial activity in various samples and newly developed products against a spectrum of bacteria. This service is particularly valuable for elucidating the bioapplication potential of these products in research.
  • UG and PG  Project in Microbiology and Molecular Biology – TICC serves a pioneer destination in UG and PG projects in Microbiology and Molecular Biology. TICC stands as a pioneering destination for undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) projects in the fields of Microbiology and Molecular Biology.
  • Hands on training in Microbiology  – TICC offers a comprehensive, five-day hands-on training program in Microbiology designed to impart foundational knowledge and practical skills to students. This program aims to provide participants with a thorough understanding of microbiological principles, encompassing essential topics such as the introduction to basic laboratory instruments, isolation of bacteria, and the preparation of media specific to microbiological applications.
  • Hands-on training  in  Molecular Biology TICC offers a hands-on training program in Molecular Biology, spanning five days. This comprehensive program covers essential techniques such as DNA isolation, agarose gel electrophoresis, and PCR amplification. This training equips individuals with practical skills in Molecular biology methodologies, providing a valuable foundation for further research and applications in this dynamic field.
  • Identification of unknown bacteria – TICC plays a pivotal role in supporting students and research scholars by aiding in the identification of unknown bacteria in their studies. This process involves a systematic approach, commencing with the isolation of DNA from the samples followed by  agarose gel electrophoresis to visualize and assess the quality of the isolated DNA. The amplification of DNA is then carried out utilizing a PCR thermocycler, following the fundamental principles of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).
  • Other services in Microbiology and Molecular Biology (Customizable according to the terms and  conditions of TICC)

Phytochemistry Services 

  • Single solvent extraction  – This process is useful for preliminary studies to identify the presence of certain classes of compounds in plant materials.The primary goal is to extract a broad spectrum of compounds efficiently using a single solvent. It is suitable for straightforward extraction processes with minimal complexity.
  • Successive solvent extraction – This process aims to obtain a more detailed and comprehensive profile of the phytochemical composition of the plant material. It allows for the extraction of different classes of compounds by using solvents with varying polarities in sequential steps.
  • Preliminary phytochemical screening This involves detection of alkaloids, polyphenols, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, terpenoids, glycosides, proteins and amino acids, etc through systematic phytochemical analysis of various whole plants or their parts such as leaf, bark, seed, root, fruit, flower, latex, gum and resin, etc.

Instrumentation facility available 

  • Spectrophotofluorometer
  • Cooling centrifuge 
  • PCR Thermal cycler
  • Gel Documentation System (Syngene)
  • Electronic balance (Shimadzu Accuracy 0.0001g)
  • Monocular Microscope 
  • Muffle furnace
  • Hot Air Oven
  • UV cabinet
  • Vortex Mixer
  • Microcentrifuge
  • Fluorometer
  • Autoclave 
  • Incubator
  • Laminar air flow