As part of the Institution Innovation Cell of the Department of Psychology, an interaction with Social Entrepreneur Ms. Rani Bharathan, CEO of Avaza Concierge Services & Rani Bharathan Design Studio, Bangalore, was organized on 29th September 2022 from 5.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. The webinar was launched on Google Meet and is the 4th lecture in the Odyseey Talk Series of the department. The Odyssey Series aims to help students interact with social entrepreneurs for the exchange of information and innovative ideas.

Ms. Rani Bharathan took the students through an interesting and insightful journey of how she established Avaza Concierge Services which helps elderly citizens to elevate their lifestyle. She spoke about how one can identify pressing social challenges in modern society and how a socially conscious business can bring success in the pursuit of helping others. The webinar helped participants to comprehend how the critical challenges of driving a business can be balanced by pursuing both profit and social motives. Ms. Rani highlighted the ways she used to follow her passion for helping elder people (who are living alone) to live fuller, more independent, and fulfilling lives, by focusing on their happiness and well-being.

The webinar was attended by 160 students of the Department of Psychology and 8 faculty members. The webinar was followed by an open interaction with students where their queries were addressed by the resource person.