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world breastfeeding week 2018

Venue:  Kumbalam Anganwadi, North Ferry

 Date: 03/08/2018

Target Group: Pregnant and Lactating women
In connection with “World Breastfeeding Week 2018 “, the students of the  P.G Diploma  Clinical  Nutrition and Dietetics along with  Ms. L. R .Rajani  and Dr. Priya Pillai provided Nutrition awareness programme promoting the importance of breastfeeding among pregnant and lactating women.

The class was conducted at  Kumbalam Anganwadi, North Ferry 03/08/2018. The camp  mainly  focused on providing  awareness on  special nutritional care during pregnancy, the need of lactation, importance of breast milk, importance of colostrum,  need of weaning for the infants, about the nutritional care and requirement during infancy, importance of hygiene and sanitation, importance of balanced diet, anemia were the important topics covered.

Talks were provided by the student dietitians based on these topics. They demonstrated as well as displayed  simple healthy  low cost nutritious recipe for pregnant , lactating as well as infants which was rich in iron , calcium, protein , vitamin A , and also rich in other micro and macro-nutrients which was very healthy , nutritious as well as tasty and these recipes were well accepted by the audience.

Informative charts on nutrition, important nutrients during the growing period as well as the importance of balanced diet and importance of breast milk and necessary vaccinations during these periods were put up and explained to the participants. Health assessment based on anthropometry; ie., height, weight and BMI, was done for the participants, as part of the programme.

Quick Info – World Breastfeeding Week 2018

Started in the year 1991 the world breastfeeding week is conducted on August 1 – August 7, that means the first week of the month of August every year. More than 120 countries are celebrating this day in order to give awareness about the breastfeeding.

This year the slogan of breastfeeding week is “Foundation Of Life“.

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