New Courses Offered In St. Teresa’s College

St.Teresa’s College stand forth in providing education that is strongly grounded in values. It had been at the forefront of higher education and constantly made programmes of study that is relevant, innovative and student-centered. In addition to the core and optional courses, the programmes offered by the college consists skill based as well as interdisciplinary courses.
Numerous courses had been newly started in the College like B.Voc Food Processing Technology, B.Voc Software Development, P.G. Diploma in Management in Business Analytics, B.A. Bharathnatyam, Bachelor of Management Studies in International Business, B.Sc Psychology, BCA Cloud Computing and Information Security Management. These courses offer different and innumerable opportunities in these competitive World. Join and grab the opportunity and attain the career that you have dreamt.

Bachelor of Management Studies in International Business (BMS)

As Business is going Global need for trained graduates in the International business sphere is increasing immensely. Managers to lead the management need to have a broader understanding of International business. Bachelor of Management Studies program prepares students to succeed in the competitive environment. International course is designed to give out an educational experience that promotes a global outlook that enables students to develop the intellectual potential to face management and organizational challenges.

New Courses Offered In St. Teresa's College

P.G. Diploma in Management in Business Analytics (PGDM)

The program is designed to match standards of best B-Schools by providing strong industry orientation. The specific program aims to offer the industry well-trained professionals who are ready to face the competitive world. Students get the latest and updated knowledge that makes them excellent data scientists.

BSc Psychology

Psychology is unique since it aims at finding the keys to the integral development of individual also it is a scientific discipline and profession. The objective of the program is to develop a knowledge base of human behavior across broad areas of psychology and also to become aware of applications of psychology in the professional fields. By the training provided students will be able to apply psychological knowledge to one’s own world and to understand human behavior.

BCA Cloud Computing and Information Security Management

This program is a dual specialization degree and is designed to groom students for the competitive and fast-growing technology of information security and cloud technology. The program is prepared with industry requirements in mind and it emphasizes on practical, application-oriented learning. The main aim of the program is to provide students with a deep knowledge of how information security functions in an organization and all aspects of cloud technology.

Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM)

Master of Tourism and Travel Management program is designed in such a way to prepare students for managerial positions like destination planning, consultancies, tour operations, hospitality, aviation and travel agencies. This program is a two-year program divided into 4 semesters. Also, it provides an opportunity for the students to connect with various bodies and association within the tourism industry in a way to equip themselves to the tourism vocation.

BA Bharathnatyam

Out of eight classical dance forms, Bharathnatyam is a traditional one originated in Tamil Nadu. This art form is a blend of acting, music, rhythm, and discipline. As a graduation programme, we provide intensive and stimulating education in various aspects of dance form required by those who wish to pursue a professional career. The course not only learns to dance but also become enriched and enlightened into the history, techniques, and progress of Bharathnatyam.


B.Voc Food Processing Technology

B.Voc Food processing technology is a three-year degree program that offers specialization in food processing. The programme is designed in a way to mix of general education and skill development. The course includes content that equips skill development. Practical as well as theory courses that impart relevant knowledge of the Food processing industry. After the successful completion of the course and with an aptitude to work and requisite skills one can find employment as Research scientists, food technologists, organic chemists, home economists, analytical chemists etc.

B.Voc Software Development

B.Voc Software Development is mainly focused on preparing students to acquire necessary job market skills enabling them to attain employment or to become entrepreneurs. As we all know IT sector in India is growing and trained candidates are required for the companies. This course is designed in a way to seek jobs in the field of materials management as well as data scientists and as programmers.

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