The Mathematics and Statistics Association was officially inaugurated on 14th July 2023 with great enthusiasm and excitement. The event took place at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and it marked a significant milestone in the establishment of the association, which aims to create an inclusive space where mathematicians of all backgrounds can collaborate, exchange ideas and explore the frontiers of this ever-evolving discipline. 

The inauguration event was thoughtfully organized to showcase the association’s values, goals, and future plans. The ceremony began with a prayer. The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome address  expressing gratitude to all attendees and sharing the association’s vision. The core values and mission statement of the previous association were presented by the Association Secretary, Meenakshi M Anilkumar of II DC Mathematics to provide a clear understanding of its objectives and aspirations.  The presidential address was given by Dr. Ursala Paul, Head Department of Mathematics( aided). Eminent guest Dr. Binu R delivered inspiring speeches, emphasizing the importance of the association’s mission and the potential impact it can make in the community or industry. A symbolic moment took place when the name of the association ‘Celoso’ was unveiled, representing the official launch and identity of the organization. New members were officially inducted into the association, affirming their commitment to its mission. After that the winners of Digital poster making competition was awarded with memento.

The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks from a representative of the association, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the inauguration.

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